Credit Score by SavvyMoney

Credit Score Powered by Savvy Money

Protect and Manage Your Finances

SavvyMoney provides safety and peace of mind

Credit union members expect exceptional service and convenience that is innovative. They want information at their fingertips, and timely access to their credit union account information. We make it our priority to provide our members with what they want and need. Great news! We've got a service to help our members monitor elements of their finances and provide them with greater peace of mind.


Consumers desire the ability to access their credit scores quickly, easily, and free of charge. SavvyMoney gives you the ability to do that. SavvyMoney is a tool built into ItsMe247 (our online banking platform) as well as the FAA FCU app that you can use to monitor your credit score and also find potential loan savings or even calculate the rates for new loans. It's always a good idea to check your credit score information to make sure you haven't been victimized by fraud and ID theft. Check it as often as you'd like with no negative credit impacts!

Accessing SavvyMoney

Once you login to ItsMe247, you will see an icon that says Credit Score & Report with a button that says Get Started. After registering, you can monitor, protect, or get tips and even apply for loans with the credit union to take advantage of savings.