FAA Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, financial cooperative that exists to serve the employees within our various approved service employee groups. Our original charter was established on July 21, 1954, as the Department of Commerce Memphis Employees Federal Credit Union.

Rapid Expansion of Our Charter

Originally our charter included employees of the Department of Commerce, which was comprised of the FAA ARTCC and the Tower and Weather Bureau in Memphis, driving our official name change to FAA Federal Credit Union in 1959. Since then, our charter has expanded to include the employees of the Houston, Texas FAA; Chicago Bridge and Iron Memphis Employees FCU; Memphis Brewery; JESCO and Cooper Tire and Rubber Company of Tupelo, Mississippi; Lane Furniture Industries; and several others. Currently, there are over 40 sponsor employee groups of FAA Federal Credit Union. See a list of all sponsored employee groups or learn about how to become one.

True to Our Roots, Our Mission Has Always Remained the Same

From the small space in the FAA Tower, to the basement of The Center, to the "trailer," FAA Federal Credit Union is now one of the largest credit unions in the Memphis area. Although we have grown a lot over the years, our original founding mission has always remained the same:

The purpose of the FAA Federal Credit Union is to maintain a sound, full-service financial institution managed with prudence, compassion, and vision, for maximum member benefit.

Guided by these founding principles, FAA FCU has always offered a blend of member-focused service backed by products and other offerings that provide diversity in options and value at every touchpoint.

Stand-Out Services

Some of these exceptional services that take your banking to the next level include:

  • Personalized Lending – Benefit from customized financing and competitively low rates that only a not-for-profit credit union like us can offer!
  • Time-Saving Services – You're busy. We respect that. Get back more time for yourself — and stay on top of your finances — with the help of online services, like online banking, mobile banking, and more.
  • Educational Resources – When it comes to managing your finances, we want you to feel confident. That's why we offer educational resources that help to keep you informed when making financial decisions.
  • Exclusive Member Perks – The benefits of being an FAA FCU member don't just start and stop at our door. We work with other like-minded companies to offer our well-deserving members discounts and several other money and time-saving benefits that you receive just by being a member!

Not Just Another Customer

As a not-for-profit institution, we can guarantee that we come to work each day with a singular focus of helping our members reach their financial goals. We don't pocket any profits here. Instead, they're poured right back into the institution to provide better rates and other perks to our members. And you're never just another customer here; you're a member with a stake in everything we do as an institution. Learn more about all the benefits of being a credit union member over a bank "customer" today!