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Whether you are saving for a special purchase, the holidays, or your retirement, FAA Federal Credit Union offers the tools to meet all of your financial needs.  Our members find a wide variety of savings products to help them reach their financial goals - both short and long term.
Savings Accounts are the cornerstone of Credit Union membership. By opening a Savings/Share Account, you become a FAA Federal Credit Union member. Our savings deposits earn competitive dividends. Interest begins with a $5.00 balance.

Holiday Club Accounts -   The holidays should be a special time for families, friends and goodwill, but the stress of the shopping, travel and bills can leave your holiday spirit a bit dampened. Wouldn’t it be nice to lessen your financial worries around the holidays? If you are overwhelmed by the holiday bills, look to FAA Federal Credit Union for some relief. We can help get you through the holiday season with a Holiday Club account. You can open your Holiday Club Account anytime throughout the year, but why not start it today? The sooner you start saving, the more money you will have set aside for that special time of year!
Because it is nice to have extra money during the holiday season, you need to open your Holiday Club account today. A Holiday Club Account is an easy, convenient way to save all year for that expensive time of the year, by making deposits through payroll deduction.
Deposit only $5.00 to open your Holiday Club Account and create a savings plan to meet all your holiday needs. Deposit as often as you would like and watch your account grow.  You may withdraw or transfer your money to your checking account during the months of October, November or December. If you make withdrawals prior to that time, you will be subject to a withdrawal fee of $10.00 per withdrawal. Any funds left in your Holiday Club Account will remain in your account.
See our Rates page for information on the competitive rates on our many savings products or contact us to open your account.
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