Fee Schedule

Service Charges Effective 02/12/2018

Debit Card Transactions
Insufficient Funds $32.50
VISA PIN Replacement Free
VISA Card Replacement $12
Reopen Debit Card Account $25
FAAst Draw Courtesy Pay Fees
Each item that draws your account negative $32.50
Checking Fees
Insufficient Check (NSF) $32.50
Stop Payment Request $32.50
Range Stop Payment $32.50
Check Copy - Mailed or Faxed $5
Check Copy - Online Free
Copy of Corporate Share Draft $5
Checks Drawn on old clearing house Chase Manhattan Bank $25
High Dividend Checking Account Fees
Monthly minimum balance fee if the balance drops below $5,000 any day of the month $10
Temporary Checks (10) $5
Personal Checks Prices vary per catalog choice
Miscellaneous Fees
Insufficient Check/Funds $32.50
Statement Copy (per page) $2
Return check, your account at another bank $32.50
Return check from another party drawn on another bank $15
Inactive share account - 2 years (per month excluding under 18 years of age) $10
Missing/Bad Address 2 statement cycle $10
Reopen Primary Share Account $20
Account History (per page) $2
Account Research Up to $150/hour
Account Balancing Assistance (1 Hour max. per day) $25
New Funds Collection Fee (dealer/business corporate check) $20
Official Checks $3
Visa Gift Card $5
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $25
Wire/Cable Transfer (overseas) $50
Holiday Club (per withdrawal prior to Oct 1 - Dec 31) $10
Check Cashing Fee (per check) - Drawn on another financial institution and members with an aggregate balance of less than $100 $5
Federal Express/Overnight Delivery (letter size only) Cost per FedEx
Skip - A - Payment $30
Loan Processing Fee $25
Safe Deposit Box Rental
3x5x24 $24/year
3x10x24 $48/year
5x10x24 $62/year
10x10x24 $72/year
Lost key $20
Drill Box (cost per locksmith) Min. cost plus Replacement Key Fee $250