Eteller Issues 12/23/2020

Eteller Issues - Latest Version of Firefox not working with Eteller and other issues

From FAAFCU's internal testing, the latest versions of IE11/Edge/Safari/Chrome/Mobile App work with Eteller. There have been isolated reports of Chrome and Edge displaying "site not secure" on sign out (due to a https to http redirection to when clicking sign out). The latest versions of these browsers should not show this because Chrome reverted the changes after it broke a bunch of sites.

We will continue to test and monitor.

Official response from our core vendor, Fiserv, is below. Note: Eteller's official name is Fiserv CUnify Web.

Notice of CUnify Web Incident | December 22, 2020 9:37 AM ET

Firefox released version 84.0 last week. Since then, we have had multiple clients report that members using this version of browser are unable to log into CUnify Web. The member will be able to enter their user name and password, and challenge questions, but the browser will then be stuck displaying the spinning graphic and never load the balance screen. This issue seems to be isolated to version 84.0. Previous versions of Firefox appear to work without any issues. Most other browsers (eg. Edge, Safari, etc) do not seem to be affected. As a workaround, it is recommended that members use other browsers or use your CU's mobile app to access CUnify Web.
Please note that there are isolated reports of similar issues with the Chrome browser; we are currently investigating that. Development is also researching the issue to see if there is anything that can be done on the CUnify Web side.