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E*Teller your own personal online teller is here!  You can check your account balances, perform transfers, make loan payments and more all without leaving your home or office.  If you know your password then just click on the E*Teller Login on the home page to get started.  Don't know your password?  Contact your nearest Member Service Representative today to get online.  Be sure to check this page regularly for updates regarding e*Teller.


Get statements FAAst with e*statements!



The FAA Federal Credit Union now offers e*Statements - an electronic version of your paper statement. Using your current email address, you can have a monthly statement notification automatically delivered directly to your email Inbox! You can access your statement anytime, day or night simply by clicking on the link within the email or by clicking on the "Get Statement" link on the Account Balances screen within E*Teller. With e*Statements there's no need to continue receiving paper statements. The benefits include:

  • Eliminate paper storage hassles - save your statement electronically.
  • Receive your statement quicker. e*Statements are normally available no later than the first business day after month end.
  • It's simple and it's FREE.
Click here to enter the secure e-statement sign-up application.
As an added security measure, your online application will time-out after 20 minutes if left unattended.

FAAST Pay is here!

FAAST Pay your online bill paying service has arrived!  Eliminate the hassles of filling out checks, stuffing envelopes, and buying stamps.  Pay all of your bills online quickly and easily.  And not just your bills: Want to send money to your children in college?  No problem.  Need to pay the person who mows your lawn?  Can do.  You can send money to just about anyone in the United States.  Schedule recurring payments, one time payments, manual payments and more. 
This isn't just any old bill pay program either:  you can schedule payment reminders, payment notifications, session emails that track your session onlines, unique security preferences, and more.   All of this convenience PLUS you don't have to remember another password and login - it's all done through e*Teller!
All this and the FIRST 4 MONTHS ARE FREE!  After the initial four months you will be charged $6.00 per month for FAAST Pay . This fee can be waived if you have e-statements and direct deposit.  Simply contact us if you qualify.
To sign up simply log into e*Teller and click on the "Pay Bills" button.  Once your enrollment has been approved you will be notified and can begin paying bills immediately!
For more answers check out the FAQ page on our website.

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